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*Code of Ethics
David Norman, our president, holds the designation, "Certified Management Consultant," from the Institute of Management Consultants, the only accrediting body requiring client references, evidence of successful engagements, and completion of a sitting examination on ethical practices. The following is the Code of Ethics adopted by the Institute of Management Consultants on January 8, 1991. We at DNA adhere strictly to this code of ethics.

  • Clients:
    • We will serve our clients with integrity, competence, and objectivity.
    • We will keep client information and records of client engagements confidential and will use proprietary client information only with the client's permission.
    • We will not take advantage of confidential client information for ourselves or our firms.
    • We will not allow conflicts of interest which provide a competitive advantage to one client through our use of confidential information from another client who is a direct competitor without that competitor's permission.
  • Engagements:
    • We will accept only engagements for which we are qualified by our experience and competence.
    • We will assign staff to client engagements in accord with their experience, knowledge, and expertise.
    • We will immediately acknowledge any influences on our objectivity to our clients and will offer to withdraw from a consulting engagement when our objectivity or integrity may be impaired.
  • Fees:
    • We will agree independently and in advance on the basis for our fees and expenses and will charge fees and expenses that are reasonable, legitimate, and commensurate with the services we deliver and the responsibility we accept.
    • We will disclose to our clients in advance any fees or commissions that we will receive for equipment, supplies or services we recommend to our clients.
  • Profession:
    • We will respect the intellectual property rights of our clients, other consulting firms, and sole practitioners and will not use proprietary information or methodologies without permission.
    • We will not advertise our services in a deceptive manner and will not misrepresent the consulting profession, consulting firms, or sole practitioners.
    • We will report violations of this Code of Ethics.

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