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What Our Clients Say

Medical Practices
"You have been very helpful and I certainly would recommend you to any colleagues going through the same process. If I havenít properly thanked you I do so now. You prevented the wheels from falling off several times and I shall always be grateful. "
-- O.O., Doctor of Optometry

"I want to compliment you and your team on assessing the situation as well as you did. Your line of questioning was correct and your assessment in all situations seems to have been right on board. The report itself has been an excellent tool for us to move forward in a lot of areas. Thanks for your work here. You have defined a very good path for our development during the first year post-merger."
-- B.W., Medical Practice Administrator

[During a business trip] ... "your name came up often and I wanted you to know that your work at [our organization] has had a lasting effect on us. These are not just high sounding words I'm throwing out and we plan on implementing the final bit of plans for the future there soon. We are going to be a much better place when it is all done and you played a major role in that. We now know that we canít move forward without doing like you had suggested and get rid of the source of the problem. Your instincts were uncanny and we now have a deeper respect for our own instincts as well, if only we would have listened to them earlier."
-- F.M., Coordinator

"Thanks so much for your help, encouragement and guidance during our transition. You are a permanent member of our family ... It's easy to respect someone that gives you the respect first ... Words cannot express my deepest apprecation ... you gave us hope and kept us together."
-- Staff Members, Mental Health Agency

"The quality of your work was evident from the beginning, and David sharpened our understanding of the issues that will shape us."
-- Dr. B.W., College President

Membership Organizations
"David facilitated a planning session for the Board, supplemented by an on-line anonymous questionnaire of members, which allowed us to determine our organization's strengths and weaknesses and build not only a plan of action but also consensus in addressing change. Without David's involvement, we would not have made the progress we did in such a short time."
-- C.B., President of Association

"In the nearly 10 years that I have been involved with associations and strategic plans, David Norman & Associate's approach was the best I have ever seen. He helped us eliminate the fluff and deal with the real issues . As a result, we have real and obtainable goals."
-- T.M., CEO of Member Association

"Unequivocally, David Norman's facilitation of our planning process yielded the best, most tangible results in our association's history with strategic planning."
-- A.H., CEO of Member Association

"[DNA's] leadership was so valuable to the effort. Not only did we gain insight and knowledge about how to go about planning, but we gained so much knowledge about planning for our own companies as well. Everyone came away from the planning sessions feeling it was time and effort well spent."
-- J.G., Travel Association Board Member

"[DNA] encouraged those present to develop a vision of what we see in the future. The key was incorporating flexibility into the planning process. The organization needs to be careful not to lock itself into a plan that will not be applicable in the future. [We] were energized by this effort."
-- J.G., School Psychologist Association

Professional Services Firms
"We know from first hand experience that your work is very professional and thorough"
-- S.F., Chairman, Architectural Firm

"I was really impressed with the work you did. I believe you were successful in helping us identify our strengths, our weaknesses and the ideas need to take us where we want to go. Of course, we understand that we must implement the programs which were targeted, but we feel they are certainly attainable. Thanks for helping us out -- you did a great job."
-- T.N., President, Real Estate

"May I extend my sincere appreciation to you for the time, "countless hours" of travel and challenges you have extended to me and to my company during the last few years. I appreciate your insights on strategic planning as we have grown in organizational strength"
-- J.N., President, General Contractor

"It has been 10 years since you were here helping me try and save this company. With your help I was able to turn it around. Thank you for all you did for me and this company."
-- D.M., Precision Manufacturing President

"Many, if not all, of the personnel changes [we've undertaken] address the prime issues in your operations review report. We have a ways to go, but for sure, the log jam has been broken. I question whether or not the necessary cultural changes could have been made without bringing in outside management. You nailed us and I believed you. You should feel good"
-- J.T., Women's Apparel Manufacturer

Governmental Entities
"[DNA] set the stage for open and frank discussions that led to a renewed commitment ... and an action plan for the next twelve months."
-- C.P., Planner

"During two experiences, I have found Mr. Norman to be well-prepared, both in professional background and in personal practices, to provide the assistance that we sought. I recommend his services for similar needs without reservation."
-- Dr. J.M., School System Superintendent

"We began with a problem that has been plaguing us for years. By leading us through your model, we were able to identify our strengths and weaknesses, create a vision of an ideal situation, and use consensus to develop action plans to made positive strides in that direction."
-- R.H., Administration, Public School System

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