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David Norman & Associates 

What's New?

Things are always changing here at DNA and we'll use this page to keep you informed about our services, our clients, and our successes. 

David Norman & Associates assisted a Doctor of Optometry purchase another existing practice, merge the two operations and not only gain efficiencies but better serve all patients.

David Norman recently served as an Interim Chief Operating Officer at a large non-profit in the mental health arena helping the Board of Directors improve operations and efficiency.

David Norman & Associates is working with a manufacturer of safety lighting equipment improving their costing and quoting systems.

David Norman & Associates continues to work with a variety of real estate firms and professionals using on-line behavior-based assessments to better hire and train the professional broker/salesperson staff.

David Norman is helping another Doctor of Optometry sell his practice (due to retirement) and assisting with the practice transition.

David Norman & Associates is working with an Optometrist and an Optical Center on improving internal operations, establishing a gainsharing plan, assessing and hiring the right employees and improving sales and profitability.

David Norman & Associates is working with a residential real estate firm on improving internal operations and market-place focus.

David Norman & Associates is working with several Realtors Associations on strategic and annual operational planning and on the use of behavioral assessments to help determine the best staff candidates.

David Norman & Associates is working with a land surveying services company on increasing profitability, improving management reporting and control and providing incentive compensation for successful, profitable completion of projects.

David Norman & Associates is working with a residential real estate firm on the use of behavioral assessments to help hire, train for better communications and career counsel real estate agents.

David Norman & Associates is working with a general contractor on strategic planning and on organizational structure and other management transition issues, including the use of behavioral assessments to help determine the best course for leadership.

David Norman & Associates is working with a hosiery manufacturer to determine the relative profitability of their two main distribution channels and to accurately allocate/attribute overhead costs. See both Costing and Product Line Profitability.

David Norman & Associates is working with a Charlotte-based real estate firm to assist management with strategic positioning of the firm and strengthening of management.

David Norman & Associates is working with PCI Global (Fort Lee, NJ) to develop a finance for the non-financial manager course for United Technologies that enhances learning through the use of a business case study and interactive spreadsheet.

David Norman & Associates worked with General Electric to develop a business literacy program on Financial Essentials and Capital Budgeting for their worldwide new management hires.

David Norman & Associates has again been asked to facilitate the Charlotte Regional Realtors Association's (CRRA) strategic plan for FY2002. This is the second year that David Norman has assisted the CRRA. See both Facilitation and Strategic Planning for descriptions of our service offerings designed to assist clients in their planning needs. David Norman & Associates is also helping CRRA's Mingle School of Real Estate by conducting a on-line, confidential survey of key leaders in the real estate community to ascertain current needs and future direction.

David Norman & Associates assisted the Charlotte Firefighters Retirement Association in developing a strategic plan which addressed the present and future needs of the Association. This is the second year that David Norman assisted the Board. (see Facilitation).

David Norman & Associates completed an engagement to develop an operations procedures manual for Lowes Motor Speedway in Charlotte, NC.

David Norman & Associates assisted a manufacturer of plastic-coated, shatterproof lamps and glass containers in improving their costing information.  The purpose of the project was to develop an improved costing methodology that enabled management to increase profitability while ensuring proper market segmentation (see Costing).

David Norman & Associates completed a project for a privately held driver/racing school to develop an estimate of its worth for planning purposes (see Valuation).

We have finished a gainsharing program for a medical laboratory/ manufacturing operation in Virginia. After the first month employees were receiving bonus pay in excess of 15 percent of their salary and productivity had increased by over 30 percent. In addition, it is reported that the previously existing "friction" between production departments had diminished. See Incentives for a description of our incentive and bonus services.

We designed and implemented a large Activity Based Costing for a Southeastern food broker. The food brokerage industry is encouraging its member firms to analyze the costs of providing services and rethink how they price potentially unbundled services. See Costing for more on activity based costing.

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